Webreak Summer 2018 Weekly Update - Week 10


*We had an AMAZING time at this year’s intermediate/advanced summer camp! Congratulations to all that participated! Can’t wait till next year! Beginners camp starts July 30th!

-Message from Director
- Recital Registration
-Recital Battles
-Parent Volunteers
-Private Lessons
- Summer Camp
-Field Trip
-Recital Tutorial Videos
-Next Session
- New Rules
- Webreak App
- Open Session
- Adult Hip-Hop
- Social Media
- Webreak Shirts
- Tutorials
- Breakdance Music
- Private Lessons

Message from Director
Thank you all so much for being a part of the we break family! We are blessed to have some amazing students and even a more amazing parents! We wanted to remind everyone that we are here to serve you and that if there are any issues that you may have with our classes, pricing, quality of instruction or communication to let us know so that we can build a better we break and better serve you and your family. Again, we appreciate your feedback and we are here to service you to the best our ability ☺ If you would like to speak with me directly, please send a text message to the number below And I will give you a call personally!️

Brian Wright
Director/CEO Webreak

Recital Registration
Last day to register for the summer recital is July 22nd! Please register at your earliest convenience to guarantee your spot!

Recital Battles
Along with our performances for this year’s recital, we will be our very first youth battle! We will have a beginners battle, and intermediate battle, and we will have our very own Los Angeles crew vs. our Long Beach Crew! Your instructor will give you more information on how to get your child into a crew!

Parent Volunteers
We are looking for 2 parent volunteers for each class for the recital! I you are interested, please fill out the form below! Thank you!

Private Lessons
We will be offering special rated private lessons for our members and students that are currently taking classes with we break! Please check out the pricing below and if you are interested please speak with your instructor about when you can schedule a lesson. Lessons, are dependent on the instructors availability. More than one student can join in to take a lesson for a lower-cost! Please take advantage of this especially as we approach battles and the summer recital!

$85/student – 1 student
$50/student – 2 students
$40/student – 3 or more students

Webreak Summer Camp
Registration is still open for our beginners summer camp!
July 30th – August 3rd
10:30am – 1:30pm M-F


Field Trip
We will be taking a field trip to Bboy Summit to watch and dance with some of the dopest bboys/bgirls in Los Angeles on Saturday, July 21st! Specific time/day coming soon! Bboy Summit is one of the oldest breaking competitions in Los Angeles and some of the best dancers in the world will be competing. We encourage all out students to attend our fieldtrips as they give valuable information about breaking and the true hip-hop culture. If you are interested, please be sure RSVP on Teamapp and click the link below for more information on Facebook!


Recital Tutorial Videos
You will be able to access all our recital tutorial videos by clicking the “tutorial” link our teamapp and clicking on the “Webreak Summer Recital 2018” video! Please let us know if you have any problems accessing the videos!

Next Session
Registration for our Spring session will be opening very soon! Please be on the lookout for the email! Some of our students will be repeating our beginning and intermediate classes and some will be moving on! Please check with your instructor to find out if your student should stay in their current class or move on to the next level in our program!

New Rules
Thank you all for coming to and enjoying our open session! We have been fortunate to not have any major injuries in our company and to keep it that we, we are requiring all parents of child 5 and older that attend open session to been in the studio with their child during open session to make sure they do not bump into some, or vise versa, while dancing! Thank you all for adhering to this new

Download Our App
Please be sure you’ve downloaded and subscribed to our team on our app!

Team App Download (Android)

Team App Download (iPhone)

Each “access group” corresponds to a class. Please select the one that corresponds to the class that your child is a part of! You should only need 1 account per child….

Free Open Session
On Thursday nights from 7:30pm – 9pm we will be having a free open practice that we call “open session” for free for all Webreak students of all ages and all levels! Please come through and get down with us!

Adult Hip-Hop Class
We will be having a new adult hip-hop class on Thursdays nights from 8pm – 9pm at our Lakewood location during the same time as open session! Drop your child off for open session and get your dance on in our hip-hop class at the same time! $15/class drop in!

Social Media
We love to connect and share what our awesome students and instructors are teaching and learning! Please follow us on social media and tag us in photos and videos you take in class use #webreak for all social media tags!!

WeBreak Shirts
If you are interested in purchasing a WeBreak shirt for your child to wear please let me know what size and I will bring one to class. Shirts are $20 and are subject to availability based on sizes.

We have almost everything that we teach online in a tutorial! Please refer to them consistenly for your child to have extra practice!

Breakdance Music
Webreak has a free public playlist on Spotify & Soundcloud that you can find all the music we play in class! Have your child lsiten to the music frequently to become more familiar with breaking music!



Private Lessons
Sometimes students need extra help or want to work on a specific move. If you would be interested in getting private lessons or being a part of a group and doing semi private lessons please respond to this email letting us know so! We would like to have a list of students that are interested in that and setup semi private lessons throughout the sesion for students to get extra help!

If you have any further questions please email us. We would love to answer them! Thank you all so much and we will see you all this week!

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